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At The Conner Law Firm, our team provides a range of legal services aligned with the needs of our clients. When you hire us, you will always receive one-on-one client attention and representation that helps you get the best outcome for your legal situation. If you need an attorney in South Carolina, contact us at 843-332-1678 to schedule a consultation and get the advice and representation you need.

Elder Law & Guardianship

As we grow older, it is important to properly plan for the prospect of living on a fixed income and the possibility of future incapacity or illness. Planning for or responding to such needs is a primary objective of the practice of elder law. Our elder law services blend estate planning – including wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and guardianships – with a focus on preparations for the end stages of life, particularly for long-term care.

Many people worry that long-term care will force them to deplete their assets. This does not have to happen. The advance planning strategies we provide at The Conner Law Firm can enable you or your loved one to access government programs, including Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security Disability (SSD) and veterans benefits while retaining access to important assets. We also assist clients in setting up guardianships and conservatorships over disabled loved ones, so they can make financial, medical, and other decisions on the loved ones' behalf.

Estate Planning & Administration

If you are 18 years old or older, there's no time like now to start an estate plan or update an existing estate plan. Now is the time to establish the measures you want to take in the event the unexpected happens. Estate planning involves more than the creation of a last will and testament. Being prepared is a necessity today, and that's what our estate planning attorney does for you. We have a thorough understanding of South Carolina Elder Law & Estate Planning.

Attorney Richard E. Conner, Jr., has a Master of Laws in Taxation (LL.M) and many years of experience helping individuals and businesses protect their assets and limit their tax obligations after an estate is settled. Mr. Conner will review your estate and listen to your preferences, and from there, outline recommendations for a comprehensive estate plan to protect you and your loved ones.

Business Law & Succession Planning

Owning and managing a business is a rewarding experience, but it comes with risks and liabilities that must be addressed for the business to be successful. We help clients from the very start by identifying the best business formation and filing the necessary paperwork. We will partner with you throughout the course of your business's life, proactively solving problems and providing sound advice. If you seek guidance on legal matters affecting your business operations, our legal team will take the necessary steps to protect you and your business.

Real Estate

Real estate can be one of the biggest investments of your life, whether it's for residential or commercial purposes. There are certain legal steps and documents that must be followed. Deadlines must be satisfied. The financial stakes are high. Our legal team reviews all documents and legal agreements, strategically negotiates to obtain favorable outcomes, conducts the necessary analysis, meets deadlines, and goes above and beyond your expectations to make sure your real estate venture goes smoothly.

Medicaid Planning & Long-Term Care

The Conner Law Firm can help you create a comprehensive estate plan to reserve money for your loved one while protecting eligibility for public assistance, whether your needs include in-home nursing assistance, assisted living, dementia care or hospice planning. We can also assist with Medicaid planning for long-term care.

Elder Abuse or Neglect

If your elderly loved one was taken advantage of financially, was physically or sexually abused, or suffered injury or death because of neglect (such as dehydration, malnutrition, or bedsores) while under the care of a hospital, nursing home or health care worker, we can seek justice and financial compensation to help right the wrong.

Social Security Disability

The Social Security disability application process can be overwhelming. As a Social Security disability attorney, Richard E. Conner, Jr., is here to assist you in handling the various issues that may arise during this process.

Communicating with the Social Security Administration on your behalf, The Conner Law Firm will complete an initial review of your case, ensure your application is complete, collect and sort evidence on your behalf, file necessary appeals, and represent you at disability hearings. Most disability claims are won at the hearing level, and we are committed to ensuring your case is well prepared.

Special Needs Trusts

Special Needs Trusts allow beneficiaries with physical or developmental disabilities to benefit from trust assets without being disqualified from needs-based benefits, such as Medicaid. Attorney Richard E. Conner, Jr, is uniquely experienced in the creation of trusts tailored to persons with special needs, designed to manage assets for their benefit.

The Conner Law Firm understands your desire to look out for your loved one. With a Special Needs Trust, you will have peace of mind knowing the beneficiary's assets are being managed for their benefit and are protected from financial waste, abuse, and theft.  

Addiction Trusts

If you have a loved one with an addiction, you know that protecting them from themselves is a difficult task. It can be painful to imagine what will happen to that loved one when you pass away. An Addiction Trust, as part of your overarching estate plan, may be the solution. A carefully tailored estate plan including an Addiction Trust helps you provide for your loved one without feeding their addiction or endangering their well-being.

Effective Addiction Trusts are designed to make sure your loved one always has access to basic needs and incentivize them to receive greater benefit from the Trust if their addictive behaviors are under control. These trusts are also designed to set guidelines with consequences based upon behavior, administered by a third party who cannot make cash distributions to the addicted individual and uses reasonable means to prevent purchasing anything the individual can use to convert into cash to further their addiction.

Pet Trusts

Most pet owners view their pets as members of their families. What happens to them when you pass away or are incapacitated? Because pets are legally considered personal property, they are generally considered in the same manner as your furnishings, jewelry, tools, and more at the end of your life. Fortunately, pet owners can make personalized, formal arrangements for their beloved dogs, cats, birds, and more if their pet outlives them with a Pet Trust.

Pet Trusts include the designation of a Trustee who is responsible for managing and administering the money you designate to provide for your pet's needs in the event of your death. The Conner Law Firm will help you navigate questions about funding amounts, instructions to the trustee, and more. We can advise you on how to address these matters and make recommendations on how to best incorporate a Pet Trust into your estate plan.  

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